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1st of the 5th Mech

"Quigleys' Down~Under"

Thanks for our first award. We appreciate all of the work you have done.

Al Varelas - USMC
To all whom this site shall come

Know ye, that I, confiding in the outstanding

"Wolfhound Alumni (Vietnam)"

do as of this date, 28 January, in the year of our Lord
one thousand nineteen hundred and ninety eight
and of the great Independence of the
"United States of America"
the two hundred and twenty second year
bestow upon the above named "Patriot" with
great pride for the exceptional display of
"Outstanding Patriotism"

This Award
Presented by:
Al Varelas - USMC
Decorated Vietnam Veteran
Khe Sanh Combat Base
Republic of South Vietnam

Know ye all who preview this presentation,
that this Award is conferred upon True Patriots only
Be it also known that this Award is given at the discretion
of it's originator, or by recommendation of a recipient,
and cannot be applied for...

PBR Forces Veterans Association