27th Infantry

Battalion Unknown

First Battalion Second Battalion


Names changed Dec. 1, 2017
*New Names

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Adams, David R. C 70
Balderson, Bob
Beckman, Norman 68
Bell, Dwight 70 Co. A
Bennett, Charles 67-68 Co. D
Bennett, Demitrius HHC 66-67
Bennett, J. T.
Bergdoll, Roscoe E. Co. C 67
Berrisford, Ronald E. Co. C (DOW) 67/02/11
Bresley, Jerry 67
Brinkman, Richard 68
Cable, Harold ?
Carelli, Charles C. "Chuck" Co. D 68-69
Childers, Claude J. "Click" Sgt (C, D, & E)
Couch, Jim 67-68
Cummings, Daniel Co. A (KIA) 67/01/17
Dahms, Richard
Delagiarino, John "Medic"
Durden, Grover D. 68-70
Eifert, Herrillo--Co. B 69
Fortney, Kendall T. Medic Co. D & HHC (LIA) 68-3-6
Foster, Dave 68-69
French, Wayne S. ?
Fulmer, Robert W. 69-70-68
Gilmore, Edward L. 67
Grahn, Kenneth 69-70
Graves, Leonard O.
Hook, Keith 56-67 Co. A
Humphrey, Frank
Hunt, William H. ?
Jolley, Dave Medic
Kelly, Troy B. Sgt. 69-72
Koningsor, Bob Lt. B
Lewis, William "Willy" Chap. Assist. HHC 67-68
Matthews, Les FO 7/11 Arty.
Moylan, David J. 68-69
Munis, Edwin V. 66-67
Neal, Wayne 69 Co. C
Needum, Henry ?
Nelson, Robert L. HHC 67-69
Norton, Ken 66-67
*Pearson, Stanley SSG
Pelham, Charles A. SSG 67
Perez, Jamie ?
Phillips, Kenneth J. Co. D 68-69
Prochak, John 62-65
Quiles, George 65-66
Rasor, Mike
Roginson, Bruce E. 67
Royall, George B. 65-66
Russell, Clarence SSG HHC 68
Saffel (Saffle), Jimmy 69
Sanchez, Johnny 66-67
Sarrentino, Phillip 68-69 Co. D
Schmidlins, John A. Cpt. 66-67
Shannonhouse, Don ?
Sharp, Gary 66-67
Shelton, Larry 68
Smith, Bobby C 70-71
Smokey, Ryan ?
Strautman, Phillip 64-66
Tam, Richard M. 70-71
Tilsley, James E. "Jim" Co. A 70-71
Truell, Fred 1SGT A 69-70
White, Crawford 67-68

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