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The Wolfhound Historical Society Home Page
Tales of the Wolfhounds
The Wolfhounds Home Page
Vipers Vietnam Veteran Page
2nd Wolfhound History Project
Tribute to Maj. Frank Farmer
Tom Clampett's Page
William I. Smith's Page, Co A 1/27
Marion L. Ellard's Page, Co. B 1/27
John Quintrell's Page, Co. C 2/27
Everett Swagger, A 1/27 Pictures
Kermit Schayltz's Page
Bert Hale's Page
Delta Hounds

25th Division Links

25th Aviation Battalion

25th Infantry Division Hawaii
187th Assault Helicopter Co.
The Hornet/Stinger Homepage
22th Infantry Regiment
3/4 Cav.
5th Mech. Infantry Regiment
Cacti 35th Inf.
69th Armor
B Troop 3/17th Air Cav
Joe Mishler, Co. B, 4/23 Mech.
1/5 Mech. (Bobcats 1966)
Tomahawks 4/23 Homepage

Other Veterans Sites

"Quigleys' Down~Under"
Vietnam Veterans of America on the Internet
Veterans Organizations and Support Groups
Welcome to the U.S. Army Homepage
Tiger & Eagle Homepage
View the Wall
Al Varelas - USMC
PBR Forces
Brown Water Navy
InCounty Women Website
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page
Military Personnel & Medical Records
Military Medals & Awards
N.C.O.C. School Graduates
The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)
GIsearch - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search
Disabled American Veterans
Special Forces
The Virtual Wall--Wolfhounds
Vietnam War Rescources
The Virtual Wall

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